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cuts known as sequester has people looking at terror targets in san francisco bay. including the golden gate and bay bridges and the intake vents for b.a.r.t. crews are concentrating right now on search and rescue missions. >>> budget cuts are about to hit thousands of people in california. starting today they will see their unemployment benefits cut to 18%. only to federal benefits that kick in after someone oozed -- used up to 26 weeks of state benefits. max of $450 it will cut it $75. >>> a tragedy is unfolding. an 8-year-old girl was found stabbed to death in her valley springs home. the police have a couple of witnesses and the search is on for her killer. as cbs reporter tells us the girl's brother is not being ruled out as a suspect. rob? >> reporter: this really is a rural area. many families describing it they leave their doors unlocked at night. yesterday evening, quite a different scene. each and every home here buttoned up. windows closed. it may stay that way until a killer is found. >> i am terrified. you never know, it could happen to anybody. >> reporter: a town livin
of and san mateo's respect everyone 24/7 has people looking at how do we respect each other as human beings and understand our differences and embrace those and be a community of care. >> i think a very practical thing, too, is that there somehow be established an adult that kids will trust or young people will trust. when we started out with lgbt sensitivity that was one of the things because a push back from the school district, well, that's going to cost money. but we found teachers, we started with elementary and went up to middle who would volunteer for that, straight or gay. then we put the word out, if you are having these kind of problems, we saw some very graphic instances that even the sensitized adults didn't understand, they didn't realize it. a lot of it in those days, i'm a teacher and i love my profession, a lot of it was in the faculty rooms, too. you learn from kids. it's all laid out there for you and that's another thing if you have the sensitized adult then you don't spend any money, that adult is there are there. >> we have about 3 minutes left for each of you to mak
look at china and say they have been off the grid and the baltic drive has been down for days. maybe people are saying you know what? the communist chinese see what's happening in the world and they're going to do something. it's something that is driving the market. >> i was listening to a great debate on the halftime show exit was is the trade about dividend tired? i'm not done on stocks. i'm not making anything on bonds. not only do i make nothing on the bonds but they're taxed at an outrageous price. >> i just think that they have been, if you take a look, 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 years they have been outperformers. >> so you mentioned bernanke. what does this do, if anything, to his policy. >> it makes it so we can't constantly ask people given the fact that the economy is on fire how long is he going to do this? we don't have to worry about it. >> hey jim, what they're talking about down here is the fact that the fed has now pegged their exit date by the unemployment figure itself. the president and congress are, which is cut spnding. he is also brilliant and i'm tired of people kno
around the area again. in the newsroom, kpix 5. >> and today's active terrorism has people taking a look at the calendar. it will be a grim distinction. there was the waco assault in 1983, which brought reprisals in the bombings of april 19, 1995. and then in the columbine school shootings of april 20, 1999. the virginia tech massacre, april 16, 2007, and now the patriot's day bombings in boston. winter coverage of the boston attack continues with a closer look at the scene of the bombing and how it might have been an ideal target for this kind of an attack. >> this kind of incident leaves doctors facing specific injuries and challenges. and we'll speak to the bay area doctor about the aftermath of the terrorist bombings. >>> good evening meteorologist back here in the bay area. it's been a chilly and windy day for them at sfo. 57 miles per hour here and 44 miles per hour at half moon bay. we've got the sunshine as we'll talk about when that wind will die down and when we will return to warmth. that's coming up next. >>> i'm going to quo
he said about one holocaust victim that has people outrages. >> let's take a look outside. hings are beautiful but are >> justin bieber is having harsh criticism after a tour in amsterdam. it is what he wrote in the book. he said he hoped that anne frank been a bieber had she not died in the concentration camp. people were outraged by his comments they called him things such as it idiot and full of himself. >> people who helped to clean up after hurricane sandy are being hung out to dry. those who were clearing down trees, they say they haven't been paid for their labor in weeks and they won't get back to work until a check comes through. for some, this lack of promise dearly. ost them >> only i have been eating ramen noodles and moving from hotel to hotel every night. >> the problem is that the original contract was subcontracted out to several companies and that latest subcontracter disappeared. one contractor has stepped up and offered to pay the workers. >> that's unbelievable they are still cleaning up from that. >> since november. >> the name has been retired. never again w
at people in the wrong way where it has nothing to do with the security of the event we are looking at. >> didn't do anything wrong. i know there are a lot of people that say, well, it is an invasion of your privacy, but if you are not doing anything wrong , why? >> the board will hold a meeting on security and the chief will present his idea about the cameras. the chief is speaking about his idea in the next hour and our reporter is recovering it with full details tonight on abc7 news. >> thank you. abc7 news is planning a special report at 11:48 our time for the moment of silence that marcy talked about and we are streaming it live on website for instant updates follow us on twit other at abc7 news. >> happening now in the east bay, oakland police are on the scene of a homicide investigation. the crime tape can be seen here and police cars on 90th in east oakland. a plan was discovered on the sidewalk shortly after 8:00 this morning. he died at the seen. police have not released any information yet on the suspect. in the south bay, pg&e cap add gas leak that forced evacu
that has been done. and like the u.k. or look deeply in the process of younger people. and the reality that there is a role to the social development of the age group between 18-25. and the fact involved and the psychological world has recognized this long ago. but the criminal justice system has not. and to address the solution and do in a thoughtful way to avoid incarceration and the impact of this young life is important. i think here in san francisco, we are in a long way of other communities recognizing the need to do this. and working with the young people to reduce incarceration and to involve the right services. i am excited about this. and i want you to take away one other piece. but the british are further away in this area, because they have spent the money and resources to look at this more deeply. but according to the studies by the university of europe that were released. looking at crimes involving young people. they considered them in the u.k. about 30% of the criminal justice system is impacted by people that are the ages of 18-25. unfortunately not 30% of our resource
, but at the end of the day if you look at whether the needle has been moved and people have been helped by substantial government programs and substantial amounts of money, the bottom line is very rarely are people helped. that was a story worth telling. the idea came to me as i was being smuggled into the back door of the statehouse in the state of hawaii from meeting with the secretary, the speaker of the house. hawaii was spending half a billion dollars on education. part that was subsidized by the federal government under the dividuals with disabilities education act. the rest is the taxpayers of hawaii and we had been there for two years to see whether the half a billion dollars is helping special education children. we've gone through 500 files were discovered almost no hope. but the services were being provided. lots of money diverted and inappropriate ways the commissioner of education for the state of hawaii had given a $250,000 grant to run a special education program. her last job was hula dancer. it seemed a little odd at face value and turned out not surprisingly she was ha
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to be looking for them and as we've already been told the fbi's site has crashed. so many people looking for it and that is going to be repeated. it is also on as i understand it. our site has not crashed so you can see it there they certainly can. i want to repeat the phone number. if people start recognizing either one of these two suspects, call 1-800-call-fbi in order to provide some information that could potentially lead to the apprehension of either or both of these two suspects. jake tapper is on the scene in boston. jake, you got to admit this was a dramatic moment when the fbi agent came out, showed the still pictures, the fbi also releasing the video. >> dramatic and chilling to see the actual individuals suspected. we should point out suspected not confirmed as having carried out the terrorist attacks. but definitely a moment when some of us felt a pit in our stomach that this was actually perhaps who was behind this. i have to say on one level it's great that the fbi is working so hard. there is some reason for a moment of pause here. obviously, when you're asking fo
and injuring many more. the taliban has claimed responsibility for both attacks. there were looking at three political parties, the national and thenother movement, ruling pakistan people's party. all three are perceived as secular and liberal. seems to be the the taliban are talking, to bring in any pakistan which is conservative, more religious. completely wiped out secularism. betweene distance liberals left of democracy in pakistan. >> the son of a violence follows a series of attacks in karachi one day earlier. the offices of two secular of buses were targeted in bombings, and another bombing took place near a shiite mosque. it has forced some to change their campaign strategies, and it has raised concerns about whether next month's vote is a problem. the caretaker government overseeing the election has come under intense criticism for not being able to protect secular or liberal-leaning parties from attack, but it has promised increased security before the polls. elections scheduled for may will be historic. it will mark the first time a democratically elected government will hand over
. >> i hope that they would have a look at what has happened here. >> why would people want to live like this? >> because they might want a safer societia to live in. >> but it's pointless for us to study the australian experience because their fear of gun control back then has no parallels with ours. what kind of things were you hearing when you suggest gun control? >> that government was becoming a dictatorship. >> that's one. >> we're told that people would not have the right to defend their property and their family. >> another that's definitely two. >> that democracy is at stake somehow if government decides there should be a background check. >> all right, three. >> we're about to be invaded by the indonesians. >> that's completely different. no one in america is afraid of indonesians. are they afraid of mexicans and muslims coming? maybe,. sure, he claims australians were angry, but where is the proof? >> people's rights are being taken away from them. >> i'm not going to give up any guns. are you going to give yours up? >> no! >> okay, there is it is. but how did the angry conser
brief, so it's an area that has a lot of people in the afternoon looking for some lunch, quick lunch, and it's an area that can easily support one more restaurant. now, sorry, not one more restaurant but one food vending establishment, a small food cart. there have been some objections, we acknowledge there's been some objections to ms. pham's request, but we don't think they should carry any weight, there's been objections along the line, people said mixed greens serves vietnamese food, not correct, casa indian eat ri is around, not correct. ms. pham's permit if granted would impose some negative problems on people nearby that it would create a lot of crash, that it would create -- that it would be too noisy, that she would make a mess and not stop people from eating at other tables, that's not a view that we perceive as being a problem, now, if the permit is granted and that eventually becomes a problem, there is a whole procedure to deal with that and specifically vpw order number 171044 provides for so-called good naibl policies and if a permit is granted and somebody's abusing a
. >> stephen: tonight, a new oppressed minority in america. has science discovered even gayer people? then a look inside our prison system. turns out it's not as much fun as oz made it out to be. and my guest punk pioneer iggy pop is here with the stooges. i look forward to the day when iggy pop reunites with snap and crackle. a wisconsin woman called police after seeing kittens having sex in her yard. quick! no one show her the internet! this is the colbert report. ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen! stephen! >> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome to the... >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen. good to have you with us. please, sit down. may i offer a hearty shalom to certain members of my audience tonight. nation, the day i have long warned you about has finally arrived. not the one where my death ray is completed. that is still six months out. and you are warned. no! it is a different day, and i warned you about it. >> jason collins has become the first openly gay athlete in pro sports. collins with the washingto
gayer people? then a look inside our prison system. turns out it's not as much fun as oz made it out to be. and my guest punk pioneer iggy pop is here with the stooges. i look forward to the day when iggy pop reunites with snap and crackle. a wisconsin woman called police after seeing kittens having sex in her yard.
of someone who people look and say, "she has been through so much, where does she go, where does she find the strength to battle the fear, to battle the loneliness?" >> through me, in the first months and maybe years of my marriage, i remember feeling extremely protective of my husband. and i kind of acted as... when we were together, i acted almost like another member of his security. i was always... >> hinojosa: i was shocked to read that, honestly. i was like, "oh, my gosh, she's standing in front of him?" >> it was just an instinctive... it was just instinctive, because... and this is where the answer to your question comes in. because he represented not only the love of my life and the father of my children and my partner and so much that was important to me in terms of my work, but he represented so much in terms of the hope and prospects for peace in our region, because of the example he set, and because of his constant 24-7 efforts to achieve that. i can attest to that, because he was working to achieve peace in his dreams. i heard it at night. and that is... so that was the reaso
coast. now we're going through that drill one more time. where a 19-year-old has got 20,000 armed people looking for him and he has paralyzed an entire community by his actions. we have to do it. we have to get this guy in custody. the threat is the explosions. the explosive ordnance that he has. he has ability to further mayhem. just like you're saying, i mean, this is an absolute playbook for someone else who wants a terrible 15 minutes or in this case five days of fame. >> we're looking at these door to door searches being conducted. you've heard it said some 70% of approximately watertown or at least that area in watertown in which they were concerned the suspect may have fled has been put into the all clear. but they have to continue till they're at 100%, but clint, this -- >> and then what? what if the next 30% -- >> you've got police officers and s.w.a.t. agents, they're going to literally hundreds of homes and apartments. so alex and clint van zandt, we're two fbi agents, we go knock on the door, nobody answers, what do we do, do we go away knowing the shooter could be inside by
traffickers has horrible people out there. what about the 15-year-old boy who was recruited by his father to become a trafficker? he himself was a victim. or what about people in severe poverty who have no other opportunity? the only thing they can do is sell another human being. this is a complex issue. we have the roots of violence within us. i see that within myself and i root them out within myself. i ask you to do that in your own lives. how are we loving our children? how are we loving our partners? how are we loving the strangest on the street. equally as important as passing the -- act which we need to do. equally important having press conferences, reading stories, going on the news. it's how you treat everyone in your day-to-day life. thank you. (applause) (applause) >> wow. thank you so much. that takes so much courage. to be that voice. i don't know. i know what it is to tell the story of survival. and the people who you can reach with that it's untold amounts of people. you would be surprised how many would be affected by what you have to say and i'm glad that you broug
, looking to win people's votes. >> if anyone on the earth has the 3-rning the right to d version header, it is hugo chavez because of the sacrifice , love for his people and detection of the people. -- protection of the people. >> in his last public appearance, hugo chavez named maduro his air. signs paid for by the government are reminding venezuelans to protect the policies put in place by hugo chavez. many are found in government buildings at this one on the side of the state oil company. it says shauna lives, the fight continues. the opposition candidate says he would model alice's after brazil's government which relies on free-market growth and social growth programs. he has caused -- called the campaign a race of epic proportions, the -- comparing it to a fight between david and goliath. he says the opponent's campaign is illegally bankrolled by the government cared >> they need state resources to win this election. >> loyalty to chavez runs deep elizabeth,s like who looks over a makeshift chapel. it is all that matters to her. >> it was his decision and we respect it, so we will
is looking into. >> can we ask people to leave quietly. we are still in a meeting. >> david campos's office has graciously looked into adding the code. i think we should have one more meeting of the add hoc committee because we are going to make it a more specific type of outreach that we recommend and demand from our offices. i think we should have one more meeting to look and hone on that and hopefully david campos office will make it a meaningful part of the code. >> when is it? >> we haven't decided yet. it's a 7 day notice. >> one comment i have when we get correspondence that you have to respond within a certain date. no biggy. any other issues? >> i just want to welcome cammy blackstone to our commission. we are very happy and lucky to have you with your expertise and background and we look forward to working with you. >> thank you. >> okay, item 7 commissioners request for future items. any requests seeing none. this will conclude the tuesday april 2nd meeting of the san francisco county entertainment commission. thank you one and all. >> >> >> >> >> >> >>> it gives me great pleas
best looking attorney general out there." you know what's funny about this? he was tired of people comparing him to george bush. finally, he has something that makes him look more like bill clinton. yeah, that's good. [ laughter ] so, there you go. there you go. yeah. well, you know -- ap
to matters european, a country that has always looked outward to people with a very strong connection with the learning of europe in all its from ancient times and a nation which has valued the european vocation, to every century into the present when ireland holds for the seventh time the rotating presidency of the consulate ministers in our 40th year of membership of the union. be it our ancient dealting connections and connection with the european scholarship, are in our consistent support for european unity, we irish have been european in our cocis and commitment. europe has always had an existence in the irish mind, in our own gaelic language, the mythic stories of europe have always been present, and se of our modern plays recall the use that was made of the classical sources of greek and roman myths in the gaelic head schools that preceded the widespread use of the english language in ireland. theangue at preceded english had been deeply influenced by ancient european myths, particularly the great myths of sea and exile, such as that of homer's odyssey and in the areas of liter
's don knapp has a look at both sides of the debate. [ people chanting ] >> reporter: one of these gun control advocates protesting here at san francisco city hall is mindy. she knows about gun violence firsthand. she was a teenaged camp counselor when she was shot in california in 1999 by white supremacist bowford furrow. >> he walked in and shooting shooting -- started shooting over 70 rounds of ammunition and i was shot twice if the leg. there were five of us wounded that day. as he left the jewish community center he shot and killed a filipino american worker. >> reporter: mindy says the newtown shootings reminded her of her goal of achieving gun control. >> newtown made me feel like a failure. and you know, i've met parents from people from virginia tech who have told me i'm here to remit their children -- represent their chin who did -- children who did not make it and that's a responsibility i am you kn happy to bear. but i can't do it alone. >> reporter: before the rally, two big events focusing on guns were underway here in the bay area. in san francisco organizer
that has people talking today. >> and taking a look at traffic a live look at the commute. traffic on 680 northbound traffic heading towards concord moving well at this point. better if you're heading southbound. stay with us. more still to come on >> update on giants home opener with creative arrival with san francisco fire department bringing in the banner on their boat. jake west brooke walking angel pagan in the 4th. giants starters have gone 24 innings without giving up an earned run. sergio romo striking out allen craig to end it. giants win their home opener in sunshine and san francisco. it's a great start. >> a bit of a gaffe today from the first lady. >> mrs. obama might have explaining to do about a remark about married life in the white house. listen. >> believe me as a busy single mother, i should say single as a busy mother sometimes you've got a husband who is president it can feel single but he's there. >> mrs. obama talking about busy single moms struggling to make healthy meals this, is video cure during the white house egg roll. the remark came on the same day the presi
about the economy. let's talk about markets. a lot of people look at what has gone on. this can't go on forever. >> i have been saying that. unsustainable. cannot have double-digit gains every quarter. especially in light of this. they will probably get more of a sideways to down market. the next -- i would say the spring and summer. investors need to be positioned a little bit for that gerri: takes the money of the table. >> i have not gone quite that far. shifting more to the defense of areas. maybe reallocating. gerri: let's talk about apple for a second. we have been talking about the company all week long. and sort of the people who have been brand loyal are kind of getting killed. whether you own the stock or the products, you are worried about what is going on. just this week the huge chunk of apple stock sold off, goldman has taken them off there preferred list. kendis stock? 423, but down from 700 unchanged >> we have had it on our top ten list. we ticket of several months ago. that is reaching a boil or it is cheap enough to sustain plan growth, is starting to look very att
. it will ipo and something people are looking at. >> let's quickly touch on intel, as well, moving in the after hours session. it was a mixed bag for intel. once got the numbers on the pc shipments and the sia numbers on chip sales, we were expecting not too much. people are looking for a disasterous quarter. it wasn't what suggested it was. i think the stock is doing what it should. people were looking for a disaster. didn't get it. the trend since february of 2012 or so has been lower. and i think that trend probably continues. >> the capex, they cut that back significantly. stacy smith was on the air about an hour ago talking about that's why you invest in intel is for that capex down the road it's going to pay off. so i think at this point, the only reason to buy intel is for that dividend. i think it's almost close to 4% at this point in time. >> it is. >> that's why you have intel. probably not going to get that hurt and you're going to get 4% in the meantime. >> all right. let's get to our top trades for the session. it was an interesting session followed -- following yesterday's session
in san francisco and i don't see the same level of rigor and when i look at new york, that has millions of people in the city, comparing to san francisco that where we have a million people in the city here in san francisco, so it's important to why when you scale it here to a terminal that is going to transit at the golden gate, at least
a project with six editors in latin america to look at how wikileaks has played a role in their politics. >> the media got distracted by the personality issues with julian assange. it is a fascinating, dark, twisted story, whatever is true. " people got obsessed with it. >> that is what happens. >> we have a cover story on the kim kardashian wedding now. [laughter] >> you have to pay the bills. the serious side of kim kardashian. >> i do think it is a problem. we are undertaking a project next year, the kind of project inspired by the works project to have the team across the country of writers, artists, documentarians, photographers to document poverty in this country. it is the 40th anniversary of the book "the other america." we have this human-resources, people who want to do the project. they can do it in a way to tell the human stories. human stories are key. we can use the human stories to tell the story about the structural problems of poverty in the country so it has more than just a human interest quality. it could lead to change. it could lead to hearings. politically, it has
that character. >> mm-hmm. >> she absolutely has. >> people believe her. >> i look forward to more melissa mccarthy on "snl." and also, new kids on the block, of course, on the "today" show, and then a concert, and jonathan knight walks off stage. a lot of concern. what really happened? >> well, he has severe anxiety, a disorder. he has been the subject of panic attacks. you know, the great thing is that everybody is very supportive of him. people know about this, even his fans, because he was on "oprah," and he told oprah about it. what i don't understand is after you go on "oprah" and you talk to oprah, you still have this problem? oprah failed him! i blame oprah for this! >> oh! >> oprah failed him! >> oh, snap! >> please. you talk to oprah about anything, that problem should be solved! >> oprah failed him. >> maybe she could give him a car, maybe that would help. >> exactly. >> only you can make anxiety funny. >> hey, we noted a moment ago wesley snipes -- >> yes. >> -- has been released. three years in prison for not willfully paying his taxes for several years, and he's now under house
york, that has millions of people in the city, comparing to san francisco that where we have a million people in the city here in san francisco, so it's important to why when you scale it here to a terminal that is going to transit at the golden gate, at least for time being how to rises to some of the other buildings and structures we talk about. >> okay. let me try to address this as confidently as i can. first of all, as maria mentioned, when we were involved in the project about two years ago, we looked at the urs recommendations for security and they identified a broad range of what are considered rational and identifying threats by law enforcement and intelligence communities. these involve a series of events and many recommendations that have been identified will had been the building survive a seismic event and the emergency responder community of the occupants of the building in an enhanced position for life safety and then there is the use of explosives, potential arsonists events or someone introducing something into air. this is from san francisco, chicago, atlanta, housto
and library looks magnificent as the sun begins to rise in dallas. the stage has been set. you can take a look. there are thousands of chairs laid out. people have been working for days getting ready for the ceremony. 8,000 people expected to attend, as you mentioned all five presidents here to honor the former president george w. bush and his legacy. this gives a thorough examination of his time in office, many of the crises he faced. for instance, the september 11th terror attacks, the war on terror, the aftermath of hurricane katrina and the financial crisis but also domestic policies that were important to him such as education and the no child left behind initiative that he established. it also allows people to really develop their opinions about this president. one of my favorite parts of this museum is the decision theater where people were given documents that the president received and asked what would they do in his position? thousands of artifacts that the bull horns that the president used to address the public after 9/11. and the electronic records in any of the libraries. this ce
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,586 (some duplicates have been removed)